Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Club is born

This club is set forth to build and test cool innovation works of tech: Computers, Robots, and my favourite, Flying Things!!

In an attempt to boost morale of many primary and secondary school pupils, it hit me that often fun is the way to go! So this club aims to start, step by step, transformations of the mind through insightful journeys of technological innovation!

People learn by assimilation, and what better way of assimilation than through that which you perceive through your senses? And I mean sense of touch!

So lets get building and having fun!

Some of the ideas we have include:

  • Computers: Build projects around them, including software projects, automation projects, a
  • Robotics
  • Electronic projects: Transistor radios, general electronics
  • Things that fly: Planes, Copters, and others

Air planes are a wonder and Marvell of technology, despite the fact that they are a century old. Nothing is all-inspiring, I've found, than the development and operation of radio control airplanes. And so we've set out to do so using locally available materials.

One of our engineers is seen here busy at work on a Helicopter

Samuel and some of the Kids from Ngewa (Kwa-Maiko) in Kiambu County, fixing up a flying wing.

Here's the rear of the flying thing showing propeller, firewall and elevons. Next time: Flight Video!

See also nairobi-uav.blogspot.com for other related articles on UAV development.

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